So I started watching The L Word about a week ago…

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Just finished watching Orange is the New Black.

Safe to say I watched the entire first Season within 2 days and was completely addicted! Very much looking forward to season 2 now!!

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Do you have the 30 day Lost challenge you could give me?

I could never find a good one on Tumblr where I liked all the things for each day so I made my own by mixing and matching days from different challenges :) but here you go, have fun!

.Favourite episode

.Least favourite episode

.Your favourite female character

.Your favourite male character

.Favourite quote

.Favourite season

Least favourite season

.A Lost related photo that makes you happy

.A Lost photo that makes you angry/sad

.Your favourite dharma worker

.Favourite death scene

.Favourite ‘Other’

.Favourite Flashback

Favourite flash forward

.Least favourite male character

.Least favourite female character

.Favourite couple

Least favourite couple

.Character you were happy to see die

.Saddest death

.Favourite Lost actor

.Favourite Lost actress

.Happiest moment from Lost

Sad moment from Lost

.Character that is most like you

.Favourite location

.Favourite event

.Favourite cliff-hanger

.Favourite Lost Tumblr

.Lost crush